An Introduction to eWay Corp

Frequently Asked Questions


At eWay, we believe in fostering an environment where everyone can flourish, develop, and make a real impact. We strive to create a space that promotes growth, enables personal and professional advancement, and encourages each individual to unleash their full potential.

Together, we create a dynamic and empowering setting where everyone can thrive and deliver meaningful results.

We are an organization that believes in building a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™, and our organization has successfully accomplished this milestone by being certified as the Great Place to Work.

What Are Our Values & Beliefs?

Our ethos is shaped by a passion for technology, continuous self-improvement, pursuit of excellence, innovation, openness, respect, and unwavering integrity. Embracing challenges, we exceed expectations, driving impactful outcomes. These core principles dictate our actions, shaping a high-performing and transparent environment.

What benefits do you offer for full-time associates?

We offer our employees with the following benefits:
  • Medical Insurance
  • Birthday Leaves
  • Paid Leaves Holidays
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Professional Development Program
  • Training & Development Certification
  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Employee Reference Bonus
  • Birthdays/Anniversary Celebrations

What do you have to say about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?

We understand the power of an inclusive, diverse, and fair workplace. It’s not just about checking boxes; it’s about creating a stronger and more successful company. That’s why we make inclusion and diversity an integral part of our culture, values, and everyday actions.

What is Work/Life balance like at eWay Corp? 

We value our employees and offer them the flexibility to work in the way that suits them best. This includes options like flexible hours, remote work, and personalized schedules. We believe that a flexible work environment promotes productivity and enhances job satisfaction.

What do you have to say about Employee Empowerment? 

Unleash your potential to explore, innovate, and thrive in projects, organization, and personal growth. Leave a lasting impact on the business and propel your career forward. With us, you have the power to make your mark and embrace new opportunities for success.

What are the learning opportunities at eWay Corp or Wagento?

At eWay Corp or Wagento, we provide our employees with an equal opportunity to learn and grow. We believe in fostering your growth and empowering you to write the most innovative stories alongside our esteemed clients. Embrace new challenges, expand your horizons, and make a lasting impact with your storytelling prowess.

Do you offer any Training & Development courses? 

When it comes to Training & Development, eWay Corp/Wagento has got you covered. We offer endless opportunities for you to learn and growth in your career. Our work culture is designed to foster your ideas and initiatives while keeping you up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.

Application Process

Where can I learn more about job opportunities?

You are in the right place! Head to our Career Home page to find out about the current job openings.

In case you don’t find your job listed with your skills, just feel free to send us an email with your updated resume

How many rounds of interviews are generally there for a position?

There are usually 3-4 rounds of interviews for every position.

How will I know if my application has been received?

After submitting your resume, you will receive a system-generated email confirming the receipt of your application.

How long does it take for the interview to happen once an application has been shortlisted?

It usually takes 3-4 days for scheduling the 1st round of interview.

When can I expect to receive feedback on my success at each stage of the hiring process?

We understand your eagerness to receive updates on your progress during the hiring process. Feedback timing varies
based on the role you have applied for. We are committed to providing timely feedback.

What is the typical assessment process for a CV?

Once you have submitted your CV/Resume, it’s shared with the appropriate team member. The person is going to assess
your skills to see if they meet the requirements for the position. You will be contacted if you are considered fit
for the position or job role.


What qualifications must I fulfill to be eligible for application?

The specific requirements for each job can be found in the corresponding job listings.

Do I need to be a graduate to apply for a job?

Yes. You must have a graduation degree with you before you can apply for the job post.

Work Location

Do all current open positions require candidates to work from the office?

Yes (Pune location); Remote (Mexico and US location) 

Interview Tips

How do I prepare for the Interview?

Preparing for the interview involves a few key steps. It’s important to come prepared by getting to know our
company, our culture, and the specific responsibilities of the role you’re applying for.

We suggest reviewing the job advertisement beforehand so that you have a clear understanding of what will be
expected from you. By doing your homework, you’ll feel more confident and ready to showcase your skills and
suitability for the position during the interview.

Finally, be confident, articulate, and show genuine interest in the role during the interview. Remember, preparation
is key to presenting your best self and increasing your chances of success.

Meet the people who make eWay Corp a great place to work. At eWay, we bring together exceptional talent from diverse fields like design, development, marketing, QA, sales, and more. We believe that the best ideas come from a variety of perspectives, and together, we’re making a global impact through digital experiences. Our team at eWay Corp is the foundation of our accomplishments and a source of immense pride. We boast an exceptional pool of resources to meet your business-specific objectives. With industry experts, including talented designers, developers, brand specialists, and business growth strategists, we are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions and driving profitable outcomes for our clients. Join our teams and discover how your passion can be transformed into a meaningful purpose.