About Us

An Introduction to eWay Corp

About Us

eWay Corp, an American multinational corporation that acquired Wagento Creative, a global leader in eCommerce solutions, have joined forces to revolutionize the digital landscape. Renowned for our innovative technology solutions, strong ethics, and collaborative work environment, we operate as a unified entity despite our individual identities.  

Our shared mission and combined expertise allow us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. We’re not just two brands working side by side; we’re a cohesive force, leveraging the power of technology to help businesses reach their full potential. Together, we’re shaping the future of digital transformation and eCommerce solutions.

Why Join Our Team

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We are certified as a Great Place to Work!

At eWay Corp, we are a vibrant team of developers, designers, marketers, pro-coders, and think-tankers, all united by a common mission – to deliver innovative and affordable technology solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of various business models. We invite you to join our ranks and be part of a company that is reshaping the way businesses operate.

Want to work hand in hand with intelligent, daring individuals who are at the forefront of the next big breakthrough in the web and software industry?

We are in search of individuals with an analytical mindset, a passion for problem-solving, and a drive fueled by creativity and hard work. If you are someone who thrives on tackling complex problems and is eager to make a difference, we would love to hear from you. Join us at eWay Corp, and together, let’s build a brighter future.

Our Vision

Our goal is to stand at the forefront of business transformation by leveraging digital solutions. Driven by customer focus, innovation, teamwork, transparency, and perpetual growth, we aim to not just exist, but excel, making waves in the digital landscape.

Our Mission

And how do we plan to get there? Well, we’re all about joining forces with our clients. We’re their partners in strategic growth, offering them the tech services they need to unlock their full business potential. That’s our mission, and we’re sticking to it. 

What makes eWay Corp a Great Place to Work?

Values, Beliefs, Culture

We’re dedicated to making a lasting impact. We cultivate an inclusive community valuing diversity and fostering individual creativity and professional growth. Our commitment lies in nurturing talent, creating a workplace where equity and advancement are inseparable.

Great Place to Work Certified

eWay Corp has earned the Great Place to Work® certification, a ‘Gold Standard’ in workplace culture assessment. This is another accolade to our repertoire of achievements. We’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant work culture by enabling High-Trust, High-Performance Culture– Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, Camaraderie, and Mutual Respect to empower employees to flourish and reach their excellence.

Diversity & Inclusion

At WeWay, equity, inclusion, and diversity are firmly rooted in our work culture. We value a diverse workforce as key to nurturing a vibrant environment. Embracing these values, we tirelessly work towards shaping our organization as a welcoming space for all.

Personal Development

When it comes to personal development, eWay Corp has got you covered. We offer endless opportunities for learning and growth in your career. Our work culture is designed to foster your ideas and initiatives while keeping you up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.

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